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Your Training Course Platform for the Digital Tachograph and other workshop equipment and skills.

The VDO Academy always has the right course offerings for learning the tasks and duties associated with all your workshop needs.

Our authorized and experienced instructors can provide you professional and practice-oriented training. The variety of available platforms for candidates to choose from in order to do their training courses, means that there is a learning style to suit everyone. The focus on course quality and consistency means that all candidates will be provided with the necessary content to give them the opportunity to become the most competent within their chosen subject area.

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Next training sessions

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Training numberTitleTraining session startTraining session endLocationAvailable 
REV1Tachograph Technician Revision - UKTraining session start06.12.2022 08:30Training session end06.12.2022 17:00LocationMS TeamsAvailable12
TCO1Initial Tachograph Technician Course - UKTraining session start12.12.2022 08:30Training session end15.12.2022 17:00Location36 Gravelly Industrial ParkAvailable6

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